Peter Morgan has an impressive CV as a writer. The Deal, The Queen, Frost/Nixon, Hereafter, The Other Boleyn Girl, Longford, The Last King of Scotland, very strong work all round.

It turns out he put in some of the ground work on the next Bond film, having worked on a treatment which, due to the shenanigans at MGM, has ended up being taken on and developed by John Logan, among others. In his own words:-

“I wrote a treatment for it and I believe, I haven’t read the final script, but I believe the core idea of the final script is that. But what then happened was the whole MGM bankruptcy thing happened. And by [the time it was sorted], I was completely snowed under with other stuff, and Sam had a good relationship with John Logan, and I said ‘Look, I can’t do anything with it.’ It’s sad, but what can you do?”

A Bond film would be quite a change of pace for Morgan, but it seems that it might have given him some other ideas. He is now working on a script for what is being described as a “Heat”-style heist thriller, which he is writing on spec. Clearly Morgan is enjoying a different style of script-writing:-

“I’m writing a big commercial heist movie. Completely on spec. A couple of people want to do that. I’m really enjoying that. [Lots of] guns… My agent read it and said ‘It feels like a 25-year-old man wrote that.’ The sort of scale of “Heat.””

Anyone stretching themselves and trying something new gets a thumbs up for starters. Hopefully the end product will showcase the enjoyment Morgan is getting from writing it.

Source: Playlist.

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