Stephen King is, without a doubt, the ruling monarch of the modern horror story. Over the last couple of years, King’s films have been having a little revival all of there own, one of note is the Andrés Muschietti 2017 reboot of IT. Now coming off the back of the film’s success, a new documentary, ‘Pennywise: The Story of IT’, focusing on the rightly famous ’90s miniseries is set to reawaken whole generations living nightmare.

The original miniseries traumatised a generation of kids who watched it in 1990 and no-one ever looked at clowns the same way again. The name, The Losers Club, perfectly sums up the group of seven friends that drive the story in this Stephen King shocker. They live in the quiet town of Derry, Maine and spend their days trying to negotiate what it means to be a teen. But when they start hearing and seeing strange things they realise they’re all in agreement that everything is revolving around a clown called Pennywise played by Tim Curry.

The forthcoming documentary is from the makers of You’re So Cool Brewster: The Story of FRIGHT NIGHT and Unearthed & Untold: The Path to PET SEMATARY about the making and legacy of Stephen King’s 1990 miniseries, IT. Starring Tim Curry, Seth Green, Richard Thomas, Emily Perkins, Bart Mixon, and many more, this documentary will dive into the clown that terrified a generation.

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So here is the trailer for the doc which is due out sometime this year. Buckle up and get that popcorn ready, this trailer comes in at over the 6-minute mark. Enjoy the ride.