Bloody Sunday director, Paul Greengrass has landed at the helm of a film he has written based on the Norwegian terrorist who massacred 77 people back in 2011, with the backing of Netflix.

The Norwegian terrorist, named Anders Behring Breivik, a self-described right-wing Christian extremist had a hatred for Muslims. He started the carnage by detonating a fertilizer bomb outside the headquarters of the prime minister that killed eight people.

After that, Breivik dressed in a police uniform, took a short ferry ride to Utoya Island outside of Oslo, and methodically murdered teens attending a Labour Party Youth Camp as they tried to escape. The madman, who wrote a 1500-page manifesto critical of Muslim immigration and European liberalism that he was not permitted to read at trial, was sentenced to the maximum 21 years.

Netflix are proving they aren’t shy about hitting the floor running with their original films taking on sensitive subjects. It’s reported the film will solely use local actors with production set to begin later this year at a cost of $20 million; Scott Rudin will produce with Greg Goodman and Eli Bush.

Paul Greengrass

Paul Greengrass has a certain panache for making hard hitting drama’s, his third outing on terrorism, this new venture sounds similar to his 2002 gripping Bloody Sunday and 2006’s United 93. He was also at the helm for the return of Matt Damon as Bourne in 2016’s Jason Bourne and Tom Hanks Captain Phillips which won a BAFTA for Best supporting actor Bakhard Abdi and a Writers Guilds Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.