It is with an enormous sigh of relief that we can begin this premiere post with the words ‘Paddington the Movie is very, very good’, and one which you must go and see as soon as possible (our review is here). Crowd those cinemas come the 28th of November, keep it showing throughout the festive period – prove to the studios that taking care to update beloved childhood character pays off.

Frankly, after Postman Pat we half expected Paddington to engage Mrs. Bird in a rap battle over the thickness of his marmalade sandwiches. Thankfully we were wrong.

David Heyman has struck gold once again, and we spoke with director Paul King, and King and Queen of British acting royalty Jim Broadbent and Julie Walters on the soaking red carpet this afternoon.

Cassam Looch and Colin Hart braved the rain to bring you these interviews.

Jim Broadbent

Julie Walters

Director Paul King

Producer David Heyman