For the past few years Orlando Bloom has been trying to convince the audience that he was still very busy with his acting career.

Truth to be told, the momentum initiated by his appearance as Legolas in Lord of the Rings – which saw him starring in big productions  and becoming a hot Hollywood commodity –  has come to a halt a few years ago with his last appearance in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. After that, he’s starred in a few less known movies, done some modelling, and more importantly, he’s become a dad –  hardly making headlines for his involvement with cinema.

Now though, the past is coming back for him: he’s set to return to Middle Earth and don his Elvish costume and ears to bring back Legolas Greenleaf –  a déjà vu which many other Lord of the Rings actors have already experienced.

His comeback has been officially announced by Peter Jackson on the director’s Facebook page.

In his message, Jackson says he is thrilled about the news,  and also expresses his awe at the fact that Bloom seems not to have aged even after all these years. “I guess that’s why he makes such a wonderful elf”, he muses.