There are a variety of reasons why I love Legendary Pictures.  They are a private financing company that said screw the big players, we’ll make the movies that the public wants to see which has resulted in them financing some of the best and coolest movies of the past five years.  Another reason is because I’ve met Scott Mednick, one of the big names at Legendary, a couple of times and his passion for film and his far-reaching ideas perfectly exemplify the type of company Legendary is and will continue to be.  Lastly, they are helping to reboot Godzilla in the classical way that we all know and love.

For those of you that didn’t know Godzilla is in fact being remade and it won’t include any giant iguanas or egg laying creatures of any sorts and it won’t be simple by any means.  Rather, the new Godzilla will supposedly be shot in IMAX 3D, so think The Dark Knight but sooooo much bigger and badder.  The film is going to be a live action movie with CG monsters.  Now pay attention to that last sentence because I did say MONSTERS.  Godzilla will be fighting a monster in this film and there is the possibility that there may even be multiple monsters, all of which will be integrated, using CG, into the real world.

Also, according to Rogers, the Godzilla head sculpture image which had circulated around the internet has absolutely no relationship to the film.  So any rumors involving at that picture can officially be put to rest.  For those who don’t know which image I’m talking about scroll down about an inch and you’ll see it.

All of this information comes from deadline via an interview Brian Rodgers had with Zennie 62.  You can check out the interesting interview below to learn a few more details and understand how this project began with Toho and how it will hopefully come to fruition at some point in 2012.