Nichola Burley has joined the cast of Andrea Arnold’s adaptation of Wuthering Heights.

The Streetdance 3D actress will join Skins’ Kaya Scodelario and another, as yet uncast, actor – filling the film’s three main roles.

Burley’s performance in Streetdance 3D drew promising reviews, as did her portrayal of heroine-in-distress Tammi in 2008’s Donkey Punch.

Ecosse Films’ Wuthering Heights – a film financed by Film4, UK Film Council, Screen Yorkshire and Goldcrest Films – is, for want of a better word, a reboot of the classic attempting to appeal to the Twilight crowd.

Although the role of Heathcliff  remains uncast, this story of forbidden teenage love smacks of the supernatural saga, and there’s every chance it will be marketed as such.

With the Oscar-winning Arnold – who directed the critically acclaimed Red Road and Fish Tank in addition to her Academy Award winning short Wasp – at the helm, however, Wuthering Heights will unlikely garner the same criticism as the aforementioned film series.

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