At this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, Edward Burns (27 Dresses, Purple Violets)’ new film, Nice Guy Johnny made its premiere.  Now in anticipation for its upcoming VOD/DVD release in October, the studio has decided it was time to give the general public a little taste of the film.

While I can’t say I have seen any of Burns’ directorial efforts, this trailer just doesn’t do it for me.  All I can really say is that I didn’t understand what I was watching without reading the synopsis.  The film looks a bit bland and visually looks like every indie film about a man becoming of age.  However, I will say I do like the unique story; the whole concept of choosing your passion or your partner and how difficult life changing choices can be.

The movie stars Matt Bush (Adventureland, HIGH School) and Kerry Bishe.

Official plot synopsis:

Sure, she can be a little overbearing sometimes, but baby-faced Johnny Rizzo loves his fiancee Claire, and he made her a promise: by the time he’s 25-years-old, he’ll trade his current dream job as a local sports talk radio host (even if it is the 2 a.m. slot) for something that’ll pay bigger bucks. And Johnny’s nothing, if not a man of his word. Now he’s flying to New York to interview for some snoozeville job that Claire’s well-to-do father set up. Enter Uncle Terry, who lives in New York, a rascally womanizer bent on turning a day in the Hamptons into a final fling for his nephew. Nice guy Johnny’s not interested, of course, but then he meets the lovely Brooke…