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Actress Charlize Theron has bowed out of the upcoming film The Tourist and in line to replace her is Angelina Jolie who is apparently in talks with Spyglass Entertainment to play the American Tourist working undercover for Interpol trying hunt down a criminal who is her former lover.

The exit of Charlize Theron comes after the departure of director Bharat Nalluri who was to direct and also departed is Tom Cruise as the male lead role of who is to be replaced by the New A-list Actor star actor Sam Worthington who will soon be seen in the highly anticipated Avatar.

This leaves the film in a bit of turmoil with no attached director but with the big name stars attached it shouldnt be too long attracting a decent director to adapt a remake of the French Film “Anthony Zimmer” that was only made in 2005!

Angelina Jolie is definitely a good replacement for Theron as she knows how to do agent, action and sedultress roles to a higher level with her turns in Wanted, Mr & Mrs Smith and Bone Collector so maybe it’s a good thing it’s all change.

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