Rise of the Guardians PosterRise of the Guardians, DreamWorks’ latest offering in the “finally managing to compete with Pixar” category, looks ace – funny, exciting and beautifully rendered. As with pretty much any high-profile release out there these days, there is a hyper-abundance of material in which you might immerse yourselves; you know, the usual teasers, trailers, clips and posters. Because we care, we even gathered it all into one place for you. So there you go.

Rise of the Guardians is out in the US on 21st November, what with it being Thanksgiving and all. We modest folk here in the UK will have to bide our time for a further week or so, getting it on 30th November instead. It will be worth the wait though (he said, not having seen it and therefore having no idea whether or not it is actually any good) – continuing the rich vein of form (and vast improvement) Dreamworks have been showing through How to Train your Dragon and 2 x Kung Fu Panda.

This latest TV spot gives us a lot of quick-fire clips, but the general focus is on the elves, who come across as a little bit Despicable-Me-Minion-ish, but just about manage to be their own thing – cute and funny alongside the seemingly slightly more serious principals. Enjoy the clip and presumably look forward to the film.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwbnNQpTC6w&feature=plcp’]