Keen to plough their new robots over the metal bones of their dead Michael Bay and team are apparently making Transformers 3, niftily subtitled Dark of the Moon, a more adult picture. So, no parents tripping on campus, no supermodel robo-roommate with a surprise up her skirt, and no Robot Heaven.

This is a good thing, and the teaser trailer achieved the impossible and got us interested in a new film, and there’s a new character on the cards and the latest edition of Empire mag has the pics to prove it. Below you will see a souped up Optimus Prime and a new robot with a metal beard – his name is Sentinel Prime.

Sentinel Prime is described a mentor to Optimus and he’s clearly going to be heavily involved in the third film, though no more details are forthcoming. There is a name for a new Decepticon though – an evil Ferrari called Dreadbox.

Ok, so the pics are below, a touch fuzzy so if you want to see them properly buy the mag, most of you do anyway. In the meantime click them to bring it.

And this, thanks to Whatsthelatest is what he’ll look like. They call him Optimus Prime’s Father.

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ComingSoon told that Transformer World 2005 scanned them.