Meryl Streep as Maggie Thatcher looking startled, like a bird who has realised the limitations of its universeThis latest trailer for The Iron Lady is close to doing the impossible and making me feel a little sorry for Maggie Thatcher, indeed this is due to the work of Meryl Streep who appears to have captured her quarry perfectly.

Early word on Phyllida Lloyd’s film is that Streep is likely to be Oscar bound for her role as Britain’s first and only female Prime Minister, and the trailers we’ve seen tease a little of the private turmoil which will undoubtedly give the political machinations the beating heart it needs to engage.

We also have glimpses of Anthony Head, Richard E. Grant and lots of the wonderful Jim Broadbent as Denis Thatcher and while it’s fun to play Celebrity Politicians (and how long will it be before Channel 4 snap that idea up and have the cast of Geordie Shore running the country?) there is a fine story to be mined here.

Mr and Mrs Apple have the HD version on their website, but you can watch below if you dare,

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