20th Century Fox have just unleashed the second trailer for Rupert Wyatt’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and it’s a very effective tease for the film, which sets its scene in the present day and focuses on how exactly we maniacs blew it all up.

This new trailer is, appropriately, an evolution of the first teaser and explains the premise of a new scientific breakthrough which, when tested on apes, reveals a side effect of increasing brain capacity. As one ape in particular benefits from the treatment he begins to develop, to evolve, and all hairy hell breaks loose.

I love the idea of a slow build up, which these trailers suggest, and then as more is revealed about the apes attacking humans we get to see more of the amazing work done by WETA and Andy Serkis in his familiar performance-capture capacity. Some of the new shots included in this trailer point to plot elements we were not previously aware of. The shot of a tiny ape looking out of an attic window at a little girl, and more details of the main ape Ceaser’s realtionship with both the humans testing on him and his fellow apes, whom he is rapidly developing away from.

All in all the trailers are sound, and go a long way to whipping audiences into a frenzy. We’ll have more on the Rise of the Planet of the Apes very soon on HeyUGuys, so keep all eyes open.

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