Madonna is no stranger to the global span of celebrity and infamy and so it makes complete sense that she has chosen the story of Wallis Simpson for her latest film as director.

This new trailer is a little uneven, something the festival reviews generally chided the film for, but there’s no doubting that a decent cast has assembled for the parallel love story and Sucker Punch alum Oscar Isaac and Abbie Cornish (playing our couple in the present day) are certainly capable of very good things. James D’Arcy and Andrea Risebourough are our Edward and Mrs. Simpson and while there’s a touch of the Possession of this set-up it’ll need a capable hand to lead us through these twin romances.

Here’s a synopsis to seduce you into clicking below,

A two-tiered romantic drama focusing on the affair between King Edward VIII and American divorcée Wallis Simpson? and a contemporary romance between a married woman and a Russian security guard.

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