Doctor Who

We knew that Doctor Who would be back in August, but the BBC have tonight announced that the popular series will return with a feature length episode (titled “Deep Breath”) on Saturday, August 23rd.

The new teaser trailer actually offers up our first look at footage from the highly anticipated new batch of episodes, and it sounds as if the Doctor will be having something of an identity crisis as he embraces yet another new look which comes as a result of a recent regeneration.

We also have a promo poster which offers up a glimpse into the redesigned Tardis!

Matt Smith was the last actor to play The Doctor, and Peter Capaldi made a brief appearance as the twelfth incarnation of the character in the hugely popular “The Day of the Doctor” special. However, he didn’t officially take on the role until Smith regenerated into the World War Z actor in the following episode.

Are you looking forward to seeing Doctor Who back on television this summer?