Last week brought with it a great first look at Hugh Laurie in Mr. Pip, and having just had our first look at Ralph Fiennes in Mike Newell’s Great Expectations adaptation, we’ve now got three more new images from Andrew Adamson’s upcoming film similarly headed to the Toronto International Film Festival next month.

Adamson, the Oscar-nominated writer-director behind Shrek and The Chronicles of Narnia, is directing from his own script, adapting the original award-winning novel by Lloyd Jones.

“Living under the shadow of the Papa New Guinean civil war, an eccentric schoolteacher (Hugh Laurie) forms a unique bond with a young girl (Xzannjah) over their shared love for Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, in director Andrew Adamson’s (Shrek, The Chronicles of Narnia) lusciously beautiful adaptation of the award-winning novel by Lloyd Jones.”

Starring alongside Laurie will be newcomer Xzannjah, with Kerry Fox starring as Laurie’s wife, Mrs. Watts.

Mr. Pip will be making its debut at Toronto early next month, and though there’s no word yet on when we can look forward to a release, the anticipation is naturally very high for the film, and we’re hoping it will be quickly snapped up at the festival and earn international distribution. For now, take a look at these three new images, and as usual, you can click to enlarge.