The L.A. Times have published a number of new images from several films they are looking forward to, and while some of them have been seen before there are a few new pics which can be seen below.

Personally I can’t wait to see what Duncan Jones can do with Source Code, which has its premiere in SXSW in Austin March time, and which was declared finished a few days ago. Sucker Punch is Zack Snyder’s visual banquet which hopefully can tell a decent story to go along with the eye candy shop it is being shown off to be.

Twilighters will be keen to see their man, pallid prince Robert Pattinson with a huge elephant and Reese Witherspoon in their circus bound love triangle (not involving the elephant), Water for Elephants and there’s plenty more to see over at the Times, so look below, then get clicking.

Here are the pics from, in an order known only to me:

Water for Elephants,

Source Code,

Scream 4

Sucker Punch

Not sure if all pics are new, but for more pictures to excite yourself with click here to go to the whole shebang, Sandler, Aniston and more await…