Hugh-Jackman-in-The-WolverineWithout a doubt, The Wolverine, Man of Steel, and Iron Man 3 are going to be three of the biggest blockbusters of the year, with plenty of anticipation surrounding each of them.

The summer releases are just a matter of months away, and now EW have been kind enough to give us a new image from each – the two from Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 look rather like trailer screenshots, but The Wolverine is all new goodness.

First up on the slate is Shane Black’s Iron Man 3, which will kick off Marvel’s Phase Two following the awesome success of The Avengers. We got a festive new look at Robert Downey, Jr. just before the end of the year, and now we’ve got another look at Downey, Jr. opposite the brilliant Gwyneth Paltrow.

Next up will be Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, which could well be the start of something amazing, with Snyder teasing the possibility of the film leading up to the Justice League movie for DC and Warner Bros.

The immense first full-length trailer that hit before Christmas raised our anticipation that much further, and we can’t wait for its summer release.

And finally, we have James Mangold’s The Wolverine. Hugh Jackman is back once more as the eponymous Wolverine / Logan, and the new image below gives another great look at him bearing his claws, following the awesome motion poster we saw late last year. The first trailer is expected to hit soon, and you just know it’s going to be good.

Iron Man 3 will be out first, hitting in 3D on 26th April here in the UK, followed by 3rd May in the US. Then it will be Man of Steel, released in 3D and IMAX theatres on 14th June. And finally, The Wolverine will be released in 3D on 25th July, following a day later in the US on 26th July. It’s going to be an amazing few months.