MTV have gifted the world with 28 new images for movies that are coming up over the next few months. In a series of posts over the next few hours, I’m going to be putting up the image(s) and giving you a low-down on the cast, the synopsis and the release date (if there is one). If you want to see all the other posts in this series, click here.

These new images come from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and show is more of William Moseley, Skandar Keynes, Anna Popplewell and Ben Barnes from the third movie to come in the series. We got to see a trailer for the movie a month or so ago which you can see here.

It also stars Georgie Henley, Will Poulter, Laura Brent, Simon Pegg and is directed by Michael Apted. It’s scheduled for release 10th December.

Click the images to enlarge.