JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg and Summer are the potent combination behind Super 8, the 70s set suburban monster movie with its roots deep in blockbuster nostalgia.

Adam’s review is up on the site here, and I agreed with a lot of what he said and found myself in a minority of those who felt the film’s finale failed to live up to the early promise.

That it will be a big summer hit is not in doubt and in a summer season of superheroes, prequels and sequels it’s nice to have an original tale to tell.

While Super 8 doesn’t reach the heights of E.T. and Close Encounters (nor Abrams’ own Star Trek) it has its moments and we can enjoy two new clips from the film below.

The first is from the lead up to the big trailer moment – the train crash. This is where the film is at its strongest and the clip shows the engaging characters making their film before it all kicks off in spectacular style.

The second clip is of people talking and isn’t really all that much fun. But hey, here you go – remember kids, the film is out in the UK on the 5th of August.

Let’s get Sourced with Empire, shall we?