Revealed at Comic-Con earlier this week, Mark Tonderai’s upcoming thriller, House at the End of the Street, has a new clip, and it’s sure to make you jump!

Directed by Tonderai and written by Jonathan Mostow, the film is a twist on the familiar horror story of a family – Elisabeth Shue (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) and Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) – who move into a house and things start to go badly wrong. In this case, it turns out that the house next door was the scene of a brutal murder, where a young girl murdered her parents and the only survivor still resides.

The new clip, which can be seen below, was revealed through a viral campaign at this year’s convention, when a number of promotional items were handed out. The item, a small flashlight, revealed the phone number (773) 451 9439 when projected against a wall. When you called the number, you could hear Lawrence’s voice crying for help, and then moments later you would receive a text with a link to the new clip. If you then responded to the message saying that you would like to receive further updates, you would then receive a text that reads, “Thanks for your help. I’ll text you again when I’m in trouble,” so it looks like the campaign still has somewhere to go.

Also starring Max Thieriot and Gil Bellows, House at the End of the Street is set to be released on 21st September in the US, but is yet to get a UK release date.


(Source: Coming Soon)