Two new names are lining up for visceral disembowelings in the dark as Michael J. Bassett’s horror sequel Silent Hill: Revelation 3D gets underway in Toronto.

Carrie-Anne Moss and Malcolm McDowell are joining returning survivors from the first film Sean Bean and Radha Mitchell, and will play Claudia and Leonard Wolf (presumably father and daughter). Other newcomers Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington complete the roster and there’s a new picture down below for you all.

The film series, adapated from the Konami video games, are a subtle alternative to the highly stylized violence and dizzingly visual blur of the Resident Evil films and while the first film broke no moulds nor ignited any box office it was a solid affair and the sequel should be more of the same – certainly the 3D aspect will be interesting when set against the tiresome poking of the fourth Resy Evil flick.

The synopsis robot burped this earlier,

For years, Heather Mason (Clemens) and her father (Sean Bean) have been on the run, always one step ahead of dangerous forces that she doesn’t fully understand. Now on the eve of her 18th birthday, plagued by terrifying nightmares and the disappearance of her father, Heather discovers she’s not who she thinks she is. The revelation leads her deeper into a demonic world that threatens to trap her in Silent Hill forever.