Neil Blomkamp - Elysium

Already we’ve heard from Alice Braga and Wagner Moura but today we get to hear from the Writer / Director himself, Neill Blomkamp. Neill’s previous work includes District 9, a movie that we absolutely adore here on HeyUGuys and this is just one of the reasons that we’re so excited about Elysium. The South African born filmmaker moved to Canada when he was 18 and has been making music videos and now feature length movies since that time. He’s still only 33 yet is commanding big budget Hollywood movies with some of the biggest names in the business.

We got to sit down with him to discuss the pressures of making movies like this, working with Hollywood actors, picking the right characters and also how he’s changed since making District 9. We also find out what it is he loves so much about working with Sharlto Copley and when we can expect District 10.

Elysium hits UK cinemas 21st August.