Jim Sheridan’s career as a director has given us some great slices of life with a side order of grit. From In the Name of the Father and My Left Foot to the recent, and divisive, Brothers Sheridan’s filmography is arguably strong enough to overcome the bizarreness of Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

His next project, due to start shooting next month, which already has Daniel Craig on board, is Dream House, the story of a family who moves into their (insert title of movie here) only to find that their perfect abode was the scene of a brutal murder of the family who lived there, by the still-at-large father. That’s right up there with discovering the neighbour plays her music too loud.

That neighbour, THR are reporting today, will be played by Naomi Watts who we will see next in Doug Liman’s Fair Game with Sean Penn.

So, a decent cast is building around the Dream House and Sheridan is pulling on his thriller hat as we speak – this is one to watch.