More pictures from the set of Phyllida Lloyd’s film of the life of 80s political Bellatrix Margaret Thatcher, and so far we’ve seen Meryl Streep confuse decades of satirical drubbing by portraying her as more glamourous than history remembers.

While Thatcher’s reign of power is where the film will undoubtedly set the majority of its scene the new pictures below confirm that the early life of Margaret Hilda Roberts will play its part. Alexandra Roach is starring as the young Maggie alongside Harry Lloyd as the younger Denis Thatcher.

Here’s a picture of him,

and here’s the real Denis later in life,

Uncanny. Jim Broadbent stars as the later Denis Thatcher, and the cast is rounded off with Richard E Grant, Olivia Colman, Nicholas Farrell, Susan Brown, Roger Allam, Anthony Head and John Sessions.

Here are the set pics from the South London set showing Roach in looking sombre and silently plotting to take over the world with a broom.

The Daily Mail (who else?) had em.