You’re probably all aware of the old Hollywood adage, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again by remaking your film with 3D”. Well, it certainly looks like this may be the case with failed video game shoot em’ up adaptation, Doom.

A reboot of the Dwayne Johnson-starring 2005 sci-fi actioner (which caused but a slight murmur at the box office upon release) is apparently on the card and makers Universal are said to be “in the early stages of development”.

Ok, that oft-used marketing term “brand awareness” is probably applicable as to why the studio would attempt to restart a previously stalled property, but another Doom film…really?!?

It’s already been proved that the game didn’t have the scope to provide a thrilling feature (the first film’s failings made that clear) so are Universal banking on the added attraction of 3D to try and smooth over the cracks?

It certainly looks like it!

News via Slash Film