One of the more imaginative sci-fi films to emerge in recent years is Gareth Edwards’ Monsters. With a distinctly creepy atmosphere and confidence inspiring dearth of actual monsters the film was a great lesson in finding a rich foundation in amongst the mega-blockbusters and Asylumite rip offs. Here then, is the first look at the sequel, entitled Monsters Dark Continent.

That a sequel was announced after the success of the 2010 film was no surprise, nor was it a shock to learn that Edwards himself would be handing over the directorial reins to another. Currently knee-deep in the new Godzilla film sidelines Edwards to a Producing role while Misfits director Tom Green takes us through an expanded world with, if we’re reading the trailer right, takes us to a new continent (a dark one naturally) with a military presence facing off against the titular Monsters.

The world is certainly an interesting place, and Edwards’ choice of story was the key to engaging with the first film; fingers and tentacles are crossed that Green is sticking with this ethos and not running this film through the cliché mill.

Trailer time,

It’s Empire who had it first.