Some monsters never die!

Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures Entertainment is involved in bringing a new version of the Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to the big screen.

Little is known yet, except the film will be a contemporary version of the classic tale and a scriptwriter by the name of Craig Fernandez, who wrote 2003’s Biker Boyz  (a different kind of horror film), originally pitched the project to the studio too.

It’s always interesting to both learn that those old, much-loved horror archetypes are returning, and to eventually see how modern cinemagoers respond. Some are huge crowd-pleasers, despite the lack of reverence towards the character’s history (the Twilight series), while others fail to find much of an audience, despite delivering a fresh take on the material (one which comes to mind, is the underrated Jack Nicholson 1993 feature, Wolf).

We’ll bring you more on this when we get the nuts and bolts (geddit?) of the story.