mission implausible

Suspension of disbelief is one of the key tenets of enjoying the never ending stream of Action Movies. Many of us have grown up believing that – yes, a man CAN fly – or enjoying a one man takedown of a terrorist organisation with barely a grazed cheek or a tear in the tight white vest.

Call it wish-fulfilment, or a love of cinematic spectacle, the Action Hero’s journey has given us hours of escapist entertainment. Death-defying acts of ludicrous bravery are as much a staple of modern cinema as the awkward meet cute, only with more violence.

But hold! What of the nagging thought in our minds, which persists throughout the utterly overblown stunt sequences and balletic gunplay? The thought – ‘Yeah, but is ANY of this actually possible?’ is one we’ve often ignored and, thus, has gone unanswered.

Until now.

The film fans over at Betway have taken some of the most famous action sequences in modern cinema and sought out experts to weigh in on the real world likelihood of them actually happening. And so we get a pilot’s opinion on the possibility of two helicopter pilots fighting in the skies, as recently seen in the Online Critics’ Top Film of 2018 – Mission: Impossible Fallout, (No – they’d be dead) and we also find out from an NHS doctor if one of the most grisly traps from the Saw movie franchise could be escaped from (No – you’d be dead) and so on.

One of our favourites comes from plastic surgeon Dr. Dirk Kremer who says of John Woo’s Cage/Travolta face swap bonanza Face/Off – “This […] is completely unrealistic.” Boo! Plausibility be damned! The best part is the complex explanation Kremer then gives for his opinion – turns out it’s just not possible. Yet…

Scroll down to see some of the Dive in at the brilliantly designed site right here. But please – don’t try any of these at home…