Fresh from her moment in the spotlight last night at the SAG Awards, where she shared the Ensemble in a Drama Series award with her Stranger Things brethren, news has come in of Millie Bobby Brown’s next project. She will be following up the second season of the huge Netflix smash with a leading role in Legendary’s next Godzilla film, subtitled King of (the) Monsters*.

Trick R Treat and Krampus director Michael Dougherty was recently confirmed as the man to replace Rogue One’s Gareth Edwards, who directed the 2014 series reboot. This new film has been scheduled for release on March the 22nd, 2019.

So far this is the only piece of casting news received, however we should see a new team line up to face the destruction and disaster we’ve come to expect. Godzilla 2 will build on the chaos of Edwards’ recent effort, and will set up a modern day classic monster mash with Godzilla vs. Kong which is set for release on May the 29th, 2020.

Reaction to the news has been mixed.

Kong himself will take the stage on his own in a new version of the legend in Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Kong: Skull Island. There he’ll battle eager human toothpicks Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson in a film whose trailers indicate it’ll be part Apocalypse now, part cheesy B-movie fare. Legendary are extremely hopeful for a decent box office haul for Skull Island, and for this new Godzilla film to build on that, creating anticipation for the main event coming in a few years. Hopes are high.

*the title confusion here is due to a tweet from the new director calling it Godzilla: King of the Monsters, while the original title announcement was simply Godzilla: King of Monsters. This is not to be confused with the 1956 American re-edit and release of Terry Morse and Ishir? Honda’s film of the same name. Yep, we’re right there with you…