Ride Like a Girl tells the inspiration true story of Michelle Payne, the first woman to ever win the esteemed Melbourne Cup. Now usually we enjoy speaking to the actors who portray roles of this nature, but sometimes it’s nice to go straight to the person themselves, and so it was our pleasure to interview Payne about this biopic of her inspiration story.

Payne discusses winning the Melbourne Cup, and overcoming so many hurdles along the way. She also comments on Teresa Palmer’s portrayal of her, and what it’s like having Sam Neill play her father (and what he thinks of it too). She speaks also on her brother, who stars in the movie, and explains what it’s been like seeing her live events unravel before her eyes.

Watch the full interview below:


The inspirational story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup despite facing odds of a 100 to 1.

Ride Like a Girl is available now