Michael Winterbottom’s documentary slash fiction feature hybrid has seen its first trailer drop today, and we have the first look, watch the trailer in full below.

Taking more than a decade to come to fruition, Winterbottom was first inspired to make the story centring on the tour bus experience back in 2002 after he met the band Ash in 2002 at the premiere for his film 24 Hour Party People. Thirteen years later, Winterbottom finally put the wheels in motion on On The Road choosing the touring band, Wolf Alice as the focal point for the film.

The fly-on-the-wall documentary wasn’t enough for Winterbottom who proceeded to add the actors Leah Harvey and James McArdle to add a little twist of depth with their fictional love story in the midst of the everyday life on the road of a rock band. Back in February, Winterbottom told Variety the reason behind mixing the real events with a fictional storyline that didn’t actually a script the actors could work from, “it felt to me that part of being on tour is private and personal, so having a fictional version of that would probably be the only way you’d get to the heart of that,” he said.

ON THE ROAD will be released on 29th September.

On The Road Synopsis

On The Road follows rising British music stars and Grammy-nominees Wolf Alice on tour last March. As well as documenting life on the road – recording the live shows, the backstage lives and the band’s sometimes hilarious press obligations. There are also fictional characters as the story is weaved in with the real life documentary.