Over the years, we’ve seen enough period dramas to fill the Grand Canyon, and while each is aesthetically pleasing, sometimes its hard to be inventive.  When you’re dealing with historical fiction, you can bend the rules of accuracy to accommodate a captivating story.  Right now, this process works to marvelous effect with Far From The Madding Crowd.

The movie is an adaptation of the eponymous book by author Thomas Hardy, and tells the tale of Bathsheba Everdene (Carrie Mulligan), a young headstrong woman who has inherited the family sheep farm.  The story follows her journey as she deals with the appearance of three potential suitors.

One of those suitors is William Boldwood, a reclusive and troubled farmer who longs for Bathsheba over a period of several years.  He’s played in the film by the great Michael Sheen, and we got a chance to sit down with him to talk about a few things.  You can check that interview out below and click here for interviews with Carey Mulligan, Matthias Schoenarts and Director Thomas Vinterberg.


During the interview, we discuss:

  • Period dramas
  • Working with Carrie Mulligan
  • The Spoils Before Dying
  • The next season of Masters Of Sex