Last year Back to the Future celebrated its thirtieth anniversary, a sobering thought to many of us who remember the original film. Not least because in October we finally passed the ‘future’ date of 2015 and still no flying cars (although Biff appears to be running for President).

Love for the film has grown immeasurably in the last decade, and this is one of our favourite moments from the pantheon of BTTF history. For the film’s 25th anniversary Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reunited on the Spike TV stage. Take a look.

Not only can you feel the crowd loving the appearance but the warmth between the two is an unusual indication that they are aware of the significance of their work in people’s lives.

I’ve written before about the potency of nostalgia through Back to the Future and this new clip from a recent Coldplay concert in New Jersey has that power too.

Chris Martin is on stage, asked by his son to play a song from their favourite film, and he does so – Earth Angel by The Penguins, and as the song is lulling the crowd into a lovestruck stupor Martin introduces the man himself – Michael J. Fox to the stage.

Fox comes in at around the 2:45 minute mark, and the searing intro of Johnny B. Goode begins around 5 minutes into the clip. The man’s still got it.

Main image: Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Atlantic Records Thanks to Pitchfork for the heads up.