There aren’t many actors on the smaller screen with the pedigree of Michael C. Hall, who was at the forefront of the explosion of excellent, dramatic telly with roles in Six Feet Under and Dexter. He’s now back, this time in Harlan Coben’s Safe, launching on Netflix on May 10th.

To celebrate the release we had the pleasure of sitting down with the actor alongside the immensely talented co-star Amanda Abbington, as we discussed what it means to actors within the industry to be aboard the Netflix revolution.

Hall also comments on how TV has grown in the past two decades, while Abbington speaks about playing a detective on screen. Given Hall’s character is a father who finds his daughter has gone missing, we ask whether this role had was emotionally draining for him, and just how much faith is put into the writers of a TV series, for when actors sign up they’re generally only privy to the opening two or three episodes.

Finally, we ask Hall about his English accent (which is very good) and whether there were any words he stumbled upon…

Watch the full interview below…


Paediatric surgeon and single father Tom struggles to deal with the death of his wife; he finds himself on a journey that transforms everyone he knows as he works to protect his family.

Harlan Coben’s Safe launches on Netflix on May 10th