Mel GibsonGovernor Fidel Herrera of Veracruz, Mexico, has today announced that part of the famous Ignacio Allende prison will be emptied in January 2010, because:

“A grand production will be filmed there with our friend, the actor and producer Mel Gibson.”

Although it was reported that Gibson visited the prison in April 2008, there has been no information released as to what this film will actually be about. Internet speculation suggests that it could quite possibly center on political prisoner Jesus Arriaga simply because he is the most well known inmate of the prison.

“Jesús Arriaga, better known as “Chucho el Roto,” was held at Fort San Juan de Ulúa where he died. It is not known if he died of natural causes, as a result of a fight with other prisoners or by other means. Chucho was a Robin Hood figure who lived during the 19th century. He stole from the rich and gave to the poor, inspiring songs and poetry such as the verses penned by Rafeal de Zayas Enriquez. Chucho was arrested in Querétaro after a jewelry store heist. He was sent to the Belen Prison in Mexico City, then to Veracruz. He was also renowned as a seducer of women, especially those who were rich and lonely. Most of his targets were jewelry shops, pawnshops and the homes of the wealthy.”

To be honest, it doesn’t matter what this film will be about because Mel Gibson is one of the best filmmakers working today so whatever he makes I’ll watch. The only downside to this report is that if Gibson is going to be busy shooting his own movie then it reduces the chance that he will reprise his role in George Miller’s fourth Mad Max film. Hopefully the films’ schedules to not clash with each other.