Well then, what do we reckon? A leaked poster from Kotaku has the internet tongues’a’waggin in what it could possibly be referring too, many presume it’s information regarding a brand new FPS based on The Only Way Is Essex where you get to shoot the living shingles out of every cast member without blinking.

However, some are claiming it’s to do with a certain ‘Call of Duty’ franchise. Black Ops 2?

With Activision announcing a new CoD game was coming this year – as if they really needed too – without specifying what the title was, along with Amazon also putting up a listing for ‘Black Ops 2’ earlier in the year before any kind of confirmation. It’s widely expected the Treyarch series, the biggest selling CoD to date the original ‘Black Ops’, fact fans, will be continuing this year.

So, we’re looking at a May 2nd announcement to finally confirm the existence of the game, be sure to check back with us to cover any new information revealed.