Oscar Winner Matthew McConaughey is preparing for another potential shot at a famous golden statue with his new film Gold for which the first trailer has been revealed.


McConaughey stars as Kenny Wells, a man in desperate need of a change in luck and decides to team up with a geologist and head to the uncharted jungles of Indonesia in search of the one commodity that could change his fortunes: gold. But finding the gold is not as difficult as keeping it and soon Wells finds himself in amongst the big hitters of Wall Street.

Directed by Stephen Gaghan (Syriana), Gold co-stars Bryce Dallas Howard (Pete’s Dragon), Edgar Ramirez (Hands of Stone), Corey Stoll (Cafe Society), Toby Kebbell (Ben-Hur) and Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek).

Gold is set for release on Christmas Day in the US with a UK release still to be confirmed.