James Bond 24 will start shooting soon and star Daniel Craig is currently over in Morocco on what is described as a “pre-filming” visit for the Sam Mendes helmed follow-up to 2012’s amazing Skyfall.

That was actually the first instalment in the franchise to hit $1 billion at the box office, so everyone is expecting big things from the follow-up. Has the untitled sequel found it’s villain? Perhaps so!

Thanks to social media, it didn’t take long for photos of Craig to start doing the rounds at possible locations, but the one which is perhaps most interesting can be seen below. Kick-Ass and Sherlock Holmes star Mark Strong has also been spotted with the actor, leading to speculation that he’s been cast in Bond 24.


It’s worth noting that Strong and Craig are actually good friends, so it could be that this photo simply shows two old buddies catching up. A bit of coincidence that they’re both in a possible shooting location for Bond 24 at the same time though, wouldn’t you say? The British actor has made no secret of wanting to play a Bond villain and was quoted as saying just that in an interview with The Big Issue last month.

“The Bond villain would be the absolute pinnacle. They are almost as important as Bond himself because your hero is only as good as your villain so you have to have a good one for the hero to be truly heroic. I’m not ruling it out. We’ll just wait and see…” Could Mark Strong be the next Bond baddie? Here’s hoping…