Marc Warren has been a staple of British television over the past two decades, and continues his fine run of form with a turn in new Netflix original series Safe, which launches on May 10th.

We sat down with Warren to discuss his character, and how he came to be involved in this compelling series, drenched in mystery. He plays Pete, a character that is emblematic of the series elusive nature, and we asked about portraying somebody so difficult to trust. He talks about the joy in getting your teeth stuck into a character for a TV series, where there’s plenty of room for development, while we also ask if he has a favourite character from all of his roles he’s taken on.

We also discuss the joys of working on a Netflix series, what it was like collaborating with Michael C. Hall, and he tells us who his idol is in the industry, and whether he ever gets starstruck when doing his job.

Watch the full interview below…


Paediatric surgeon and single father Tom struggles to deal with the death of his wife; he finds himself on a journey that transforms everyone he knows as he works to protect his family.

Harlan Coben’s Safe launches on Netflix on May 10th