Paramount Pictures have released the very first trailer and poster for Dreamworks Animations’ Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, the third instalment in the highly successful Madagascar series.

Directed by Eric Darnell, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted stars Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett Smith, David Schwimmer, Frances McDormand, Sacha Baron Cohen and Cedric the Entertainer.

Alex (Stiller), Marty (Rock), Melman (Schwimmer) and Gloria (Smith) join a traveling circus in an effort to get back home to New York City.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted will be released in the U.K. on October 19, 2012. And, if this trailer is an accurate representation of what’s to come, then we’re in for a hysterical treat.

Watch the trailer below:

Source: Yahoo!