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Piracy has long been the bane of the Entertainment industries and while the fight against it now includes a wise move towards promoting the legal alternatives there’s nothing quite like showing the possibilities if the fight is lost.

Today we’re very pleased to debut the latest project from the Film Distributors’ Association and the National Film and Television School who have worked together to produce a promo enitled The Last Cinema. The film was written and directed by Jae-ha Myung, made by graduates of the NFTS and features the sonourous tones of John Hurt.

We’re a long way from the days of ‘You wouldn’t steal a handbag…’ and the fallout from that notorious piece is this new, positive focus that there’s nothing quite as powerful in the fight against piracy than reminding people of why they fell in love with cinema in the first place, after all – you wouldn’t want to steal that from anyone would you?

Here’s the short,