Love-Actually-2-Trailer-ParodyChristmas is almost upon us, and with the festive season already in full swing (since about October), settling down to a good Christmas movie at the end of the night is always a good way to celebrate.

Richard Curtis’ Love Actually is an undeniable classic of the niche genre. Curtis made one of the best directorial debuts in recent memory, marking an incredibly smooth transition from being a writer to a writer-director.

The film has everything you need for the perfect holiday: A lot of laughs, a little drama, and plenty of romance. Not to mention perhaps the greatest ensemble cast a British movie has ever had.

Whilst Love Actually 2 may not actually be on the cards for us, the good folks over at Official Comedy have made a brilliant parody trailer of what a sequel might offer, and if you haven’t already, it will make you want to go back and Love Actually this holiday season.

Starring Professor Snape, Bilbo Baggins, Rick Grimes, Bryan Mills, Domino Harvey, Shaun of the Dead’s (Zombie) Phillip, Children of Men’s Luke, The Girl Next Door’s Danielle, American Pie’s Nadia, Betty Draper, a Bad Santa, King George VI, and many more, the cast is even more impressive than the original.

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