Although we don’t usually cover TV, when it comes to Lost and 24, it’s a whole new ballgame…. I had to say that with two TV posts in a row!

Peter from SlashFilm found a couple of great new images promoting the final season of Lost. All the cast are sat in a ‘Last Supper’ style photo for the final series of the hit drama.

What I hadn’t realised or even noticed before (but Peter has cos he’s being doing this much longer that we have!), is that it’s become completely standard to have a Last Supper photo taken with the cast for many of these big TV shows. Rather than completely copy Peter’s article, I’ve just used one of the images that he posted below (as well as the Lost ones obviously) to illustrate this.

Click below to enlarge the images and then head over to /Film to see which other big name US dramas and movies have used this Last Supper style pose to make a point that the series is coming to an end.