class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-47441″ title=”lost in space blu-ray” src=”” alt=”” width=”220″ height=”275″ />This is one of those films which was caught up in the flurry of late nineties CG infused sci-fi adventures (like the another WB Blu-ray recently released – Mars Attacks!) which looked impressive on release in 1998 but has not weathered well at all. That said, it remains one of those films which I often think of revisiting.

The problem with this is that the film is not good, and the reason I find myself wanting to give it another go is that it is forgetful in the extreme, therefore its faults of design and narrative and shortcomings of script and execution are fresh and new every time I decide to re-watch it. The new Blu-ray release of Stephen Hopkins’ film allows me to revisit all these problems in shiny high definition.

Let’s do positives. The transfer looks good, but not great  and the commentaries (with Hopkins and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman), deleted scenes, music video, short SFX video etc are from the DVD so the HD sheen applied is perhaps the only reason to invest.

Sadly while a lot of the film’s visuals benefit from the Blu-ray transfer there are a number of unforgivably substandard CGI creations, which inevitably decrease the enjoyment, although there is a level of invention in some of the futuristic details implanted into the story no amount of polish could improve the script which misuses both the actors and the legacy of the TV series to create something impossibly bland.

Matt LeBlanc did a good job trying to break out of the lucrative TV shackles but is reduced to one liners from the outset and never given much to do, likewise Gary Oldman is unable to save his turgid characterisation. While it is possible to enjoy the ride it will leave you with no thrill and your heart will remain completely untouched.

Again, if you’re a fan of this film, then the film looks better than ever, but the downside is that you’ve probably already bought the DVD and you may not be looking to grab the blu-ray without something more enticing than a prettier picture.

Lost In Space is out on Blu-ray on the 11th of October.