Brand new animation Penguins of Madagascar hits UK cinemas screens this very day! It’s the first time that the penguins that were first seen in the Madagascar movies have had their own feature films and by our reckoning it’s about time.

Earlier in the year, we (Christa Ktorides and I) were lucky enough to chat to Producer Lara Breay and Composer Lorne Balfe at the absolutely wonderful Air Studios right here in London town on the last day of scoring. Lara told us that although the pengiuns across are so loved across the 3 Madagascar movies, they actually only command around 10 minutes of screen time in total. She talk about why Lorne Balfe is the right man for the job and also how they managed to convince the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and John Malkovich to take part in the movie.

Lorne speaks about why Air Studios is the best place in the world to record film scores, and why London as a whole commands such a presence when it comes to scores being recorded here. He also talks about when he gets involved in the project and what we can expect from his Penguins of Madagascar score.

Check out the interviews below and if you haven’t already, have a read of our Penguins of Madagascar review right here!

Composer Lorne Balfe

Producer Lara Breay

Score Recording Photo Gallery