World War Z, the apocalyptic new zombie film starring Brad Pitt, has been filming for a while now and we have gradually been treated to more and more in the way of on-set shots, giving us an increasingly clear sense of what we’re in for when the film sees the light of day next year.

As we reported recently, filming had shifted to Glasgow, which was being smashed up with giddy abandon as a substitute for what will be made to look like Philadelphia for the final product. Now, they have moved on to London, but aren’t treating the neighbourhood any more kindly, torching half a street in Peckham for a battle sequence. To be honest, I am a little concerned that following the fairly recent London (and elsewhere) riots, scenes of burnt out cars will a bit much to swallow for those whose lives were recently blighted by the real thing, but apparently the show must go on.

The Daily Mail, who carried the shots set out below said in their article as follows:-

In what looked like an extremely convincing fight, Brad shot his way out of a tough corner, while cars exploded around him and the Peckham set appears to go up in flames.

However things became a little less believable when zombies started running towards the actor, and one fell from the sky onto the roof of a nearby vehicle.

Brad looked full of energy and purpose as he dashed down the road in character, though he sported a cheery smile as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.

Although zombies (much like any other trend du jour) are at risk of becoming a little over-played, this still has of course plenty of potential to be an excellent film and some measure of confidence should be placed in Brad Pitt, who one would assume would be unlikely to sign up for something that looked destined to be a lemon.

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