Having successfully stolen the lightening in last year’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians, there’s been little movement on the Jackson front since.

Not that this has been particularly unexpected; although entertaining and likeable functional – it was directed by Christopher Columbus – it was no more entertaining or functional than the countless other Potter-lite adaptations that have flirted with cinema screens in the past few years, and none of them have made it to the difficult second movie. Until now, that is.

The LA Times are reporting that a sequel, based on Rick Riordan’s second book “The Sea of Monsters” but likely taking elements from other books in the series is currently in the works, with Logan Lerman once again locked to star and Thor (well he was hardly going to find work as the God of Thunder, was he?) Freudenthal picking up the reins.

Centring on the mythical Golden Fleece, for which out heroes will be searching, The Sea of Monsters will return us to the first film’s world inhabited by demigods. Son of the Greek god Poseidon, Percy will embark on a new adventure in order to rescue a friend trapped at sea.

Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski are on script duty while Lerman worries about “the age question” and his steadily maturing fan base, the rumoured 2012 release date looming suddenly near.

More details sure to follow.