Back in November last year, we heard that Phillip Noyce (Salt) was closing in on the director’s job Timeless, a sci-fi drama set up at Relativity Media, written by Bill Kelly (Enchanted).

Those talks went successfully for Noyce, who is confirmed to helm the film, and MovieHole are now reporting that rising young star Liam Hemsworth, Chris’ brother, is in talks to take the film’s leading role.

“[H]e would play a recently married man who loses his wife and then discovers she left him a fortune. Haunted by an unresolved issue between himself and his beloved, the man invests the money to build a time travel device, just to see her one last time.”

Hemsworth has a few feature films under his belt already, including most recently The Last Song and Triangle, but it will be next year when we see whether or not he’ll really be a permanent name in people’s minds for years to come – and somewhat shrug off being known solely as Chris Hemsworth’s brother – when he stars in Gary Ross’ upcoming adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games, due out here on 23rd March.

I must admit, I’ve not seen the younger Hemsworth starring in anything, so I’m keeping an open mind about the projects he’s lining up for himself. The plot of the film itself does sound a little cheesy on paper, but that doesn’t mean the script won’t be good. Kelly’s last film, Enchanted, was very well received back in 2007, so let’s hope he can recreate some of the magic of that for Timeless.

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