Tracks - John Curran and Iain Canning

Last night we attended not one but two premieres at the London Film Festival. As well as chatting with Carey Mulligan, John Goodman and Oscar Isaac at the Inside Llewyn Davis premiere, we also attended the Tracks premiere which is in competition at this years festival.

The movie stars Mia Wasikowska and is based on the book by Marion Nelson about a young woman goes on a 1,700 mile trek across the deserts of West Australia with her four camels and faithful dog. The book was written 30+ years ago and was originally going to be turned into a movie but time passed and it’s taken 30 years for someone to turn this popular book into a film.

Director John Curran and Producer Iain Canning talk about why it’s taken so long to turn it into a film, how Julia Roberts was originally going to play the part those 30 years ago and what it’s like to be in competition at the London Film Festival.

The interviews are conducted by Ben Mortimer.